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How would you describe Deliver Paper Studio? We are a refined paper studio aimed at creating conceptually driven wedding invitations for design-conscious brides.

What inspired the company? Deliver was born to fill a void. Over and over we kept seeing the same designs in the wedding world but we knew there was more to wedding paper than just a formula, template or trend. No two brides or couples are identical and we believe the same should be true for design. We knew it took research, attention to detail and a good eye to bring about unique and intentional designs, and that is what we set out to do. It also didn’t hurt we had friends getting married left and right that needed help with designs so we were happy to test the waters individually before taking the leap together into what is now Deliver.

What inspires you? We are incredibly inspired by brides who have a vision but trust us with the outcome. If a bride gives us just an inch of their vision and all of their trust, we run a mile with it hoping to push it as far as we can. Where there is trust there is creative freedom. We are also inspired by tangible design such as texture, shapes, architecture, fine art and textiles. We are currently into studying architectural shapes and light.

What is the best part about working as a team? We would easily say there are so many benefits working as a team. Mostly, it helps with the decision making process. It requires that we slow down and have a conversation to ensure it is the correct decision rather than quickly and solely making one without someone looking over details or designs. Also, we are strong team and enjoy bouncing ideas of each other, which always helps provide creative clarity.

How would you define your style? Our style is a mix of classic typography meets modern use of composition and shapes with a little edge thrown in. We love creating out of simple shapes, lines and paper textures for an overall clean design.

How does Deliver differ from other wedding invitation services? Rather than just create an invitation, we aim to establish a brand which serves as a visual extension of the couple. Every job is full of deep research, exploring various options and fine tuning design in hopes of creating a look and feel that is simple, effective and all their own. Then, from wedding invitations and response cards to wax seals and envelope liners, we want to carry the established identity throughout the wedding to give the guests an overall experience, personally connecting them to the couple and who they are.

What would be your mission for Deliver?  We hope to inspire brides to think of their wedding not as a Saturday event or a Pinterest board, but as an atmosphere established by good design and tasteful style.

Tell us a little about Kelly: Kelly is a a curious lady with passion that won’t be beat. Outside of design, music is Kelly’s greatest passion thanks to her dad who had her hooked on Stevie Nicks at the age of four. In her free time, Kelly still loves to shoot film, experiment in the kitchen, find new music and travel to new cities with her husband.

Tell us a little about Sam: Sam is a gentle soul with a smile so big her eyes disappear. When she has a moment, Sam likes to cruise around on her new bike, read a good book or add to her vintage paper and magazine collection (long live paper!). Oh yeah, and she just got engaged!

The Secret’s Out

We are so excited to be apart of The Secret’s Out Conference coming this August. The Secret’s Out is a one day interactive conference focused on sharing the insights of a diverse group of speakers from Birmingham’s growing creative community. The conference is committed to advancing the dream for a closer community, and is catered for the wedding vendor who wants to aim higher, love more deeply, and shed light on the secrets of Birmingham’s top creatives.

Visit the website for more details and make sure to sign-up starting June 1.

Tips for Working with a Calligrapher & Designer from Holly Hollon

The twists and turns of the calligrapher’s pen communicate an artistic thoughtfulness. In our digital age, those hand-drawn letters have become increasingly popular. “It’s a lost art that’s coming back right now,” says Birmingham calligrapher Holly Hollon. As the creative talent behind Holly Hollon Design and Calligraphy, Holly has cultivated a certain expertise in designing and executing a wedding imbued with meaningful details.

Holly’s story was recently featured in the  May/June issue of Southern Lady Magazine. We are excited to team with Southern Lady and Holly to share inside information on the best ways for couples to communicate with their designers. Whether looking for everything from save the dates to menu cards or simply an elegant invitation, selecting a wedding paper suite can be intimidating. Holly’s advice on clear communication, giving the designer time to be creative, and the value of Pinterest is a helpful aid for any bride.

Insider tips for working with a calligrapher or designer:

Think holistically. When you first talk with your calligrapher or designer—whether in person or over the phone—be sure to discuss up front all the pieces you want designed for your wedding. As a designer first, I love when a client wants all her pieces to coordinate. That does not mean matchy-matchy. Instead, each piece builds upon the other and tells a story, starting with the save the date all the way to your thank-you card. If I know everything they want to do from the beginning, it helps me see the full picture for their day. I also like to start the process by pricing out all the pieces a client wants—this gives them an idea of what everything will cost and makes it easier to cut out pieces or streamline the plan if the original idea runs over budget.

Stay on budget. Think about digital printing. Hiring a calligrapher can be pricey, especially if you want lots of the fun hand-drawn details and embellishment. Of course, I always love specialty printing processes like letterpress and engraving, but flat printing on a nice paper stock can be lovely as well. This last year I have worked with a few brides that did all digital printing. This gave me the opportunity to add watercolor to the suite or use multiple colors. It is a great option if you want that custom feel but need to stick to your budget.

Worth the wait. Working with a designer/calligrapher on your wedding paper suite is going to take more time than just popping into a stationery store and ordering invites. I love it when my clients want to be involved and are excited about paper. I want each piece to conceptually work for them and their day. Achieving those results requires good research and quite a few e-mails and phone calls. The designer also needs time to create, so don’t expect drafts the day after your deposit.

Pin It. I really love when a client has a Pinterest board or an inspiration board. Most of my clients are in another city, and the online Pinboard helps me visually see the design direction of their wedding day, the colors they love, and also the style of stationery they like. This is one of the first things I ask to see when a potential client e-mails me.

Follow the rules. Format your guest list as the calligrapher requests. I ask all my clients for their guest lists in a particular format. This structure helps me center the address on the envelope and cuts down on the mistakes I make.

The cherry on top. Think about your postage stamps. When coordinated with your design, the stamp can be a thoughtful detail that complements your design or reflects something about you. There are so many options, too. You can find a vintage-stamp dealer on Etsy or design your own stamps using a company like Zazzle. And the United States Postal Service also has many options online. I like to visit their stamp website to view what new releases will be coming out. Ask your designer to weigh an invitation for you so you know how much the postage will be. While the envelopes are being addressed, you can work on your postage selection.

CREDITS :: Photography by Mandy Busby

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Spring Pop-Up Shop at The Nest

Thursday, May 14th from 4:308pm come eat, drink shop and mingle at The Nest in Birmingham! Artists and creatives from all over Birmingham will be selling jewelry, original photography prints, natural beauty products, paintings, stationery, flower hair pieces, hand dyed ribbon and live music! By donating you also enter for a chance to win photography sessions, wardrobe styling and more! 100% of the proceeds go to She Dances, a non-profit organization which helps prevent and protect victims of sex trafficking in Honduras.

Make sure to check us out on Instagram.