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At Home with Holly Carlisle

You probably know Holly Carlisle of Rosegolden for her beautiful and artful floral arrangements, but she also has quite the knack for interior decorating along with her husband Scott. They live in a 1927 craftsman house in Crestwood along with their two energetic pups, Bella and Sam. Holly and Scott have filled their home with mementoes from their adventures traveling around with world. They also renovated the kitchen and master bathroom themselves. They wanted their home to function and feel like a studio, so they furnished it sparsely and focused on hanging an array of art in gallery style on the walls and styling the bookshelves. Holly and Scott feel the minimal decor places a greater emphasis on their most beloved pieces.

We love the open lighting of Holly’s home and how she has nested using pieces that are meaningful to her and Scott. We hope this post inspires you to nest in a way that bring life, joy and creativity to your home.

Photography by Holly Carlisle

Erin & Brent’s Classic Black Tie wedding

Venue: Shoal Creek Golf Club | Photographer: Stacy Richardson Photography | Planner: M. Elizabeth Events | Florals: Lillies | Band: Total Assets | Cakes: Pen & Pastry

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story.

Brent and I were introduced by mutual friends who invited us as dinner guests one evening. Actually, Brent was apparently aware of the plans to “introduce us” to each other – I, however, had no idea of the plan. That night, Brent even tolerated a “chick flick” movie in order to spend more time together. He extended the dinner and movie night with the classic surprise – ice cream! I really hoped to see him again soon. It was clearly a mutual attraction because the next weekend was our first real date. That is when our story began…

How did he propose?

Brent and I visited the courtyard outside of the church where his parents were married. We said prayers together out loud. He was so casual about it that it did not occur to me that he was about to propose. Brent prayed for one more request… “Please God, I pray that Erin says YES!” as he got down on one knee and looked up at me. I immediately said “YES!” The surprises did not end there. Brent casually (he is so smooth) drove us by his parent’s house to go surprise them before our “dinner reservation”. We agreed we would facetime my parents from there, as we wanted to tell them the good news together! We walked into his parent’s house where both his parents and mine surprised us! We celebrated with our favorite Italian food, bride & groom cupcakes, Japanese lanterns, fireworks, wonderful wine and champagne. An evening we will never forget!

What was your venue (church and/or reception) and why did you select it?

We chose St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church for our wedding ceremony because we are both Catholic and wanted our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony blessed by our favorite priest, Father Culotta. Shoal Creek Country Club was selected for the reception because it provided both the perfect indoor elegant location and outdoor festive atmosphere for our celebration. Since the first moment that I imagined our wedding, I hoped that our day would take place at these two beautiful, spiritual and romantic locations.

What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding?

It is so hard to answer this question! I am so grateful for all the vendors we had at our wedding. Everyone made our day so easy and really exceeded my expectations on every level. Our talented photographer, Stacy Richardson, skillfully captured the most beautiful and memorable moments of our day! Carol Harris of Lillie’s Flowers for Weddings created arrangements that “were to die for” beautiful! The food at Shoal Creek, I am still craving! Shoal Creek was so wonderful to work with throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Our wedding coordinators from Saint Marks and M. Elizabeth Events were also fabulous! Our day went so smoothly and it was so wonderful not having to worry about anything except our wedding vows and celebrating with our wonderful family and friends! Our band, Total Assets, was so awesome and so fun! I loved how they had my wedding party dancing and singing on the band stage by the end of the night! J Can we do this again soon? Anniversary in April??

What was your favorite moment or part of the day?

Our “First Look” was one of our most memorable moments! Our special time together before the wedding ceremony calmed our nerves, let us reflect together and enjoy a few quiet moments before the celebration began. Exchanging our vows of marriage with my best friend, Brent, was the BEST part of the day!

Any advice for current Birmingham brides?

There are so many decisions involved in wedding planning and it can get overwhelming. Remember to plan dates with your fiancée without wedding details discussion. Stay focused on you and your fiancée preparing for MARRIAGE.


Laura Walker of Jett Walker Photography

How did you get started with photography? My mom will tell anyone she meets that I wanted to be an artist before the age of 6. It is so true and once I started I haven’t stopped; I have worked with ceramics, printmaking, all types of painting and drawing, wood working, metal work, graphic design and most importantly darkroom and digital photo processing. My grandfather gifted me with my first SLR camera when I was 18, from then on I was hooked on photography. I studied darkroom and digital processing in college and loved every minute of it. In my final year studying Fine Arts at Auburn, I interned with a Birmingham wedding photographer. At my first wedding, David handed me a camera and said “ok go shoot” and that was about it. The introvert in me wanted to run as fast as I could, as far far away as I could get, but something kept me there. I knew I needed to take a plunge and figure out if this was what I wanted to do, 8 hours later I was hooked. Now, owning my own business it means even more to me to be invited into such an important day in someone’s life and play such a meaningful role. It is an honor I can’t express. I have never been a person who could verbalize well (ironic that I am doing this, I know), but when I have a camera in my hands I don’t need words in order to express the beauty in front of me. Getting to capture real moments between people so that they can remember the significant events of their lives is an absolute gift from God. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do.
Where did “Jett” come from in Jett Walker Photography? A lot of people ask me “Are you Jett?” when they meet me…Formally the answer is yes! When I was deciding on what to call my company, my business-guru husband told me to use my maiden name (Laura Jett) instead of my married name because, he said, it is more memorable. I never intended to go back to my maiden name after marriage so instead I chose to drop Laura and use Jett Walker! Plus it kind of has a cool Star Wars-y sound to it, right?

How do you describe your photography style? I guess I would say I am intuitive or “in the moment!” I don’t know if “style” is the right word to describe my work. I of course want people to know my work when they see it but I also want viewers to look at a wedding I have photographed and say “that’s definitely ______ & _______’s wedding day, it looks just like them!” If I can capture a couple’s wedding day in a way that depicts their style and personality than I have done exactly what I set out to do as a photographer. Even when I edit I have that particular wedding day in mind. I don’t edit every wedding the same. If the day was lively and fast paced I will edit a little more boldly, if it was more elegant and traditional then I will bring those elements into consideration. The couple is always my inspiration.

What is your opinion on a “first look”? The perfect light, take all the time you need to get the right shot, loving photographer in me says absolutely do a first look! You will have more time for portraits and fun shots plus it will be a time to get all the nerves out and relax together before the big walk down the aisle! BUT, the tradition loving sap that I am admits that I did not do a first look and it was so worth it to wait until my walk down the aisle to see him. That being said, I will never try to talk a bride into doing one or the other. With every bride I meet I ask them the logistical questions of their wedding day and explain what their day would look like in both scenarios and let them choose. Because in the end it is your day and you want to feel comfortable with your decisions and be the happiest you can be.

Candice & Brett’s Botanical Garden Wedding

How did the two of you meet? Brett and I met very randomly through our mutual friends, Memorie and Mark (who are now married). At the time I was a junior in college at the University of Alabama and I was interning at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I had asked my parents if they would fly me to Birmingham the weekend of A-Day (Alabama’s spring football game) and they said yes. I was so excited; I had been gone for about 4 months so I really missed all of my friends. My college roommate, Memorie picked me up from the airport and was my ride around town for the weekend. After we made it back to our apartment in Tuscaloosa we decided to head over to her boyfriend (at the time), Mark’s house. Brett happened to be in town visiting and interviewing for jobs in Tuscaloosa that weekend and was staying at Mark’s house. The first night we were all hanging out and I wouldn’t give Brett the time of day, whoops! But the second night was a completely different story, all night we talked and got to know each other and at the end of the night Brett gave me his jacket because I was cold, which I thought was a really sweet gesture. The next day was A-Day, we all tailgated at Mark’s parent’s tailgate spot and Brett asked me for my phone number…unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the game because I had to be back at work the next day in Orlando so in the middle of the day Brett, Memorie, our other roommate Cortlin, and Brett’s friend Thomas walked me back to the Zeta house where I was meeting another friend who was driving me to the airport. We hugged and on our way to the airport Brett texted me and we’ve been together ever since, that was three and a half years ago.

How did he propose? As Brett and I became more and more serious we both knew that we had found in each other the partner that God had created for us, so naturally we talked about taking the next step in our relationship. I had always told Brett that there were four things that were important to me for when he proposed…I wanted our friends and family to be there, I wanted my nails to be freshly painted (of course), I wanted someone to photograph it and I wanted my ring to be made from my grandmother’s engagement ring. Boy did he listen! It all started when my friend Jennifer asked if I wanted to get my nails done, I told her I didn’t really have the money at the time because I had just recently quit my job and her quick response was, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it.” Well that was a Friday and the next day – Saturday, March 1st was the 10th Annual Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run which Brett, myself, my mom and Brett’s older sister Courtney had “run” the year before. The run is so special to Brett and I because my mom is a Breast Cancer survivor and Brett’s mom is a Lung Cancer survivor and we had kind of made it a tradition. Saturday morning Brett and I were waiting for my friend Memorie to head to the race and Brett told me that he had hurt his back at work. I was really bummed that he wasn’t going to “run” with my mom, Memorie and I but little did I know what he had up his sleeves. We ran the race and as I we were coming down the final hill toward the finish line my mom pulled out her phone to video us coming across the finish line…or so I thought. Memorie and my mom started pushing me off to the side of the finish line where Brett had gathered all of our closest friends and family. Right there at the finish line he got down on his knee and asked me for forever – I said yes and it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

What was the feel that you wanted to accomplish for your wedding and how did you execute that. I wanted our wedding to be a happy marriage of both Brett and I which was a challenge. Brett and I have very different tastes and interests – opposites really do attract! I also wanted our wedding to be different and have a lot of personal touches, this was important to me especially being a wedding planner I didn’t want to walk into my own wedding thinking, “This is so much like, insert bride’s name here, wedding.” I knew from the very beginning I wanted color, lots of color! I established the color scheme I was going for through floral design that Jessica Morris of HotHouse Design Studio knocked out of the park! I also pulled in color in my bridesmaids dresses, I had all of my girls where different styles in the same color and Charlotte at Bella Bridesmaids really helped in the decision process of color and style – we eventually settled on a color in the Dessy Collection called Cloudy and it was absolutely perfect! We pulled in touches of guinea feathers to nod to Brett’s love of hunting and he wore a guinea feather bowtie from Brackish Bowties which allowed him to stand out from his groomsmen. All in all I just really wanted people to walk away from our wedding having had a wonderful time and looking back thinking that our wedding was a great representation of Brett and I and our new life together.

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Where to begin…the whole day was wonderful but I have to say the most memorable part of the day was when my dad walked me down the aisle and gave me away. I am an only child and have been a daddy’s girl my whole life; it was a really special moment to be standing at the altar with my two favorite men knowing how much they both love me.

Where did you find your dress? I found my dress at Bustle in Homewood with the help of Bustle Owner, Meredith Carter and I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience! My dress is an Amsale gown that originally had a beautiful beaded belt with a lot of bling. I am not a “bling” girl so I opted to remove the belt and took my dress to Catherine Ryals for a custom belt, buttons down the back and alterations. It was perfect in every way!

Any advice for current Birmingham Brides? My first piece of advice not only as a former bride but also as a wedding planner is to choose a group of vendors whom you trust whole-heartedly. You should walk away from meetings and not be worried about a single thing because you know that the group of vendors you’ve chosen to create the most important day of your life understand you. My second piece of advice is to do what makes YOU happy – so often I see people trying to please everyone around them but at the end of the day it is about you and your spouse and you want the day to be a reflection of y’all. My last piece of advice would be not to sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day, you’re married to the love of your life and that is all that matters!

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