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Flower Tutorial with Laura McCarty

A few tips from Laura McCarty on flower arranging…

1. Always start with your greenery first. It helps create the base of your floral arrangement and the overall design structure. Added bonus, the added stems of the greenery in your vase create a sort of web that help hold your flowers in place when you add them.

2. I prefer to keep most arrangements asymmetrical. This helps create movement and added interest. High leaves on the right with low windy vines on the bottom left is a great place to start. There isn’t a “right way” to arrange, just keep your greenery and flowers feeling natural.

3. Every flower needs a friend. I find it’s best to keep my flowers buddied up. This doesn’t necessarily mean flowers need to be side by side, but rather if a tall, ruffly rose is drawing attention to the upper right side of your arrangement, give her a mirrored ruffly friend on the bottom left. This keeps your eyes moving around the arrangement.

CREDITS: Photography, Spindle Photography | Flowers, Laura McCarty of Marked | Location, Oli.O

Meet Meghan, Creator of The Secret’s Out Conference

Hi! My name is Meghan Murphy and I’m a redeemed sinner with a love for beauty, relationships and lovely details- this combination leading me to the title of wedding photographer… But who says you have to stop with your job title?! My life’s far crazier and more elusive than wedding photography. 

When Holly and Stacy asked me to write about my heart behind The Secret’s Out conference and how it has blossomed into reality, I wasn’t sure how personal to make the post. If you know me at all, you probably are aware that my flaw-filled, life story is merely a question away. It’s not hard to get to know me or to find out my faults, because honestly I find it unbelievably difficult to find encouragement from someone who paints an idyllic facade of themselves, in the best of light, best of colors, best of seasons. How do we grow together, or learn from each other if we pretend to have all of our ducks in a row? It just doesn’t work, people.

So if I’m being perfectly honest with you, if you really want to know why The Secret’s Out exists, we’re going to have to be a bit personal. 

Despite the reality that I am pretty new in this whole industry, I’ve found the incredible power of encompassing yourself with dear humans full of stories, colorful imaginations, and sparkling light.

So yes, this conference flows from the kindness and advice I’ve been shown by fellow wedding vendors who have been at this WAY longer then me and live transparently. This conference flows from an ongoing physical illness in my life that has spurred me on to strive harder, dream grander and to watch grace do greater things than I could ever hope to do. This conference flows from a desire to unite creative hearts in making things aesthetically pure and inwardly true. This conference flows from a longing to further enliven others to glorify God, work passionately, and enjoy every moment of it. This one day conference was dreamed up with the goal to inspire… And to do it all under the beautiful skies of Birmingham. 

So with these things as the driving source, I prayed, and asked for as much advice as possible. I didn’t want this to be mediocre, Birmingham has so much love and creativity to offer. This day and everything leading up to it needed to feel like a dream, needed to be filled with the biggest of hearts.

After making precious new friends, chatting it up over lots of espresso, discovering more of Birmingham’s generosity, going through countless sticky notes and metallic sharpies, we have what you know today as The Secret’s Out conference. 

Bunches of my heart is poured into this, down to even the number of attendees, overall style, and goodie bags each girl will be receiving. I want it to feel intimate, warm, and comfortable, so that every little question will be addressed and each moment personal. I imagine it to leave you desperate for an escapade to Europe and yet excited for what you can create with your very own surroundings. I greatly wish that each attendee will find a new challenge to strive towards, yet also find themselves more content and confident in where God has placed them. I hope each girl walks away with the dearest of friends, and a brand new soul mate.

Intimate surroundings, European fancies, big dreaming and kindred spirits. Talk about incandescence.

If I could only tell you of how good God has been to me, how amazed I am that this dream is coming true. If I could just sit and talk to you about every lovely detail, of how incredibly dear each speaker is that you will get to know and learn from… If I could only put it into words why I really do believe in this community, or how much The Secret’s Out team is going to give to you. But words can’t fully pen the imagination, humble wisdom, indescribable creativity, and secret filled magic that will be a part of August 26th. You my friend, are just going to have to come feel it, discover it, and live it for yourself! 

Click here to find out more about The Secret’s Out Conference.

Kristen & Adam’s Bryant Denny Stadium Wedding

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. Adam and I have known each other since we were five years old! We rode together to pre-school every morning back when we lived in East Lansing, Michigan and our parents have always been great friends. After we moved from Michigan when my father began coaching football elsewhere, they remained in touch and have remained close. Adam decided to attend the University of Alabama, as did I, and we would run into each other every once in a while, but we didn’t get together until our senior year. We ran into each other in Miami during the National Championship and we talked for hours and agreed to go out together when we returned to Tuscaloosa. Sure enough, the same day I got back to Tuscaloosa, Adam called me and asked me on a date. It all just kind of happened and it was perfect!

How did he propose? It’s such a fun story! Adam and I were living in Nashville at the time, and we had plans to go to dinner that night to celebrate my new job. He told me that he needed to go to East Nashville across the bridge before dinner to pick up a cake and that he’d be back to pick me up. He called me about twenty minutes later saying his car “broke down” and that  I needed to come and get him. I drove to meet him and he was standing on the bridge. When I got out of my car he asked me to walk to the top with him, and when we reached the top he told me that his car was fine…Then proceeded to say how he’s loved me since we were kids and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me…Of course, I said yes!

What southern traditions did you incorporate into your wedding? Definitely having our reception at The Zone in Bryant Denny Stadium! You can’t get more southern that that! I hesitated to have it there at first because it seemed too typical, but once my planners and I went inside for a walk-through about the design plans of the reception, it just came together so beautifully! I truly couldn’t have picked a better venue!

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Other than marrying the love of my life! I would have to say our exit from the reception. It was literally a fairytale. We had a 1956 Rolls Royce from Coats Classic Cars drive us away off of the football field that was lined with fireworks. I’ve never seen anything like it, it was beautiful.

Did you do anything special for out of town guests to make them feel welcome to Tuscaloosa? Of course! We had so many guests coming from all over, so we wanted to do something fun for them. Our friends at Coca-Cola designed mini cans that read “Share a Coke with Adam” and “Share a Coke with Kristen” that each guest got in their welcome bags. They alsorecieved assorted nuts from The Nut Shop in adorable bags that said “Kristen & Adam: Nuts about each other!” with our monogram.

CREDITS: Photography,  Leslie Hollingsworth  |  Videography,  Lance Holloway with Holloway Productions  |  Ceremony Venue,  St. Francis of Assisi  |  Reception Venue,  The Zone at Bryant Denny Stadium  |  Planner/Stylist/Florist,  Eddie Tackett & Alvin Cotton  |  Bridal Gown,  Heidi Elnora  |  Groom,  Mobley and Sons  |  Bridesmaids,  Jenny Yoo via Bella Bridesmaid  |  Makeup Artist:  Brittany Massey  |  Hair Stylist,  Robin Sullinger of DV8 Salon  |  Cake Artist,  Edgars Bakery  |  Catering,  Shindigs  |  Reception Music,  Rhythm Nation  |  Rental Items,  Special Events, A Game Day Tents Co. | Paper, Annabelle’s | Calligraphy, Jan Pruitt

An Artfelt Event

We are so excited to promote one of our favorite local wedding events, the Artfelt Event on September 3, 2015. An Artfelt Event is a non-traditional wedding show that highlights the local talent in Birmingham, Al by allowing vendors to decorate a PEW to highlight their creativity and talent.  Each PEW has been creatively inspired by a piece of local art. Guest can come and enjoy an evening of food, drinks and music as they meet local talent and vote on their favorite PEW.  If you would like more information on this years event please head over to the event site for details.

Photography Stacy Richardson Photography | Venue Bridestreet Gallery & Loft