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Sarah Elizabeth of Repertoire Assistant Services

What made you want to start repertoire? I noticed a need in the Birmingham wedding world that was not being filled. I saw that a lot of wedding vendors and creatives needed an assistant some of the time, but not all of the time. This past summer, I decided to startrepertoire in order to fill that void.

How did you choose your business’ name? I wanted the name to not limit me to one area of the creative world, as well as, encapsulate the wide variety of tasks that I could take on to assist others. So, when trying to make a decision I scoured through my dictionary looking for just the right word and finally landed on “repertoire.” I felt that it has left me open to take my business in any direction I want and I love that freedom!

What’s an important thing you’ve learned since starting repertoire? Trust. I took a leap of faith when I became a freelancer and it has been so eye opening and awe-inspiring to put my trust in the Lord and see all of his wonderful provisions for my small business and me.

What are some of the services you provide? Whether it’s styling products for a photo shoot, organizing your office to make your life easier, or stuffing envelopes because you’re on a time crunch, I’m up for the challenge! I have done a little bit of everything since starting repertoire and I love to assist people with whatever task they come up with.

What are your hopes for the future of repertoire? I have really fallen in love with event, interior, and prop styling. My hope is to be able to do more of that as repertoire grows. I had such as wonderful time planning and styling the Friendsgiving shoot and would love to one-day be able to do styling that full-time.

Photography by Mary Margaret Smith

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