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Meghan Cease of M. Elizabeth Events

What made you decide to be a wedding planner?

I didn’t grow up dreaming to be a wedding planner. I actually wanted to be a pediatrician. However, my love for children didn’t outweigh my mediocre grades in Science classes. When I got to college, all I knew was that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was very fortunate enough to graduate and work for some amazing companies in New York City that helped me learn invaluable skills and lessons as it relates to marketing, public relations, and most of all, managing and executing high-profile events. When I moved back to Birmingham, I remember applying for all kinds of marketing positions, but nothing really made me excited. I thought I had made a mistake by leaving my job in New York. I remember sitting on the front porch of a friend’s home trying to decide what to do. Do I accept a marketing position with a local construction company or move back to New York. Neither idea just thrilled me. I remember him looking at me saying, “Meghan, you have incredible experience, you love people, and you love events…start your own business.” Once I realized my passion, I began chasing my dream.

Why should couples hire a wedding planner?

I feel that a Wedding Planner is a necessity for everyone getting married. I am not saying that everyone needs someone to plan their wedding from start to finish, but I feel it is a huge help to have someone there for the wedding day at the very least.  A planner that offers “Wedding Day Management” (commonly referred to as “Day of Planning”) can ensure that the wedding day timeline is executed perfectly, as well as make sure the flowers are delivered on time, the cake is set up properly, and ensure that the photographer and Entertainment arrive on time.  Brides should not be having their bridesmaids, mothers or mother in laws helping to set up on the wedding day. They are part of your special day and should be enjoying this time with you and your family. 

Cost can be something that holds back couples from working with a wedding planner. What would you tell brides and grooms about the cost?

As wedding planners can be expensive, it is important to figure out your budget and how much you can afford to spend on a wedding planner.  At M. Elizabeth Events, we don’t offer just one type of planning package because not every bride needs or can afford a full service planner. Don’t just assume you can’t afford a planner. Set up a consultation to discuss your specific needs. Planners will often customize something to meet your needs…whether it be full service planning or more simpler, hourly consultations throughout the planning process to ensure that you’re on the right track.

Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

I love designing weddings that speak directly to the personality of the bride and groom. My advice is to follow yourself, not a trend. 

There are so many vendors to choose from on a wedding day, how can you help the couple? 

There are so many vendors in the wedding industry and it can be very hard for a bride and groom to choose the right vendor.  You should work with vendors that you enjoy spending time with and that you trust will execute your vision perfectly. As an experienced wedding planner, I can help recommend certain vendors, all within different price ranges, that meet your budget, style, and personality. 

What can you be found doing on your weekends off?

I love to travel! We rarely get weekends off, but when we do, you’ll find me traveling. Atlanta, Nashville, Highlands (NC), and most often New York. These are all cities that are very special to me and a weekend away is good for my soul! I am a planner by nature, but believe it or not, I travel with no agenda, and love the spontaneous adventures it brings. 

Kennedy Tolbert - Hi!
I just got engaged and one of my first thoughts with planning this was “I can’t do this alone!”. I am contacting you for an estimate of the packages you offer and getting an idea of what I need to go with. My best friend Heather Hodges, now Heather Davis used you as her planner a few years ago and recommended you to me!

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