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Beauty Sessions by Leslie Hollingsworth & Brittany Massey

We are loving this new concept by Leslie Hollingsworth Photography & Brittany Massey. What a fun way to kick off your bachelorette weekend with your girls or just spend the day pampering yourself. Here’s what Leslie has to say about her visions behind these styled shoots:

I am a photographer – a wedding photographer. I used to do just about everything until I realized that I only wanted to do what I most passionate about, and really dive in and focus on that one thing. So for the past 5 years, that’s what I’ve been doing… Weddings. And I’ve loved every minute of it. But in that process, I realized that I have another passion – something that I’ve had a LOT of practice at while doing weddings. And that is making women feel and look beautiful. My favorite part of a wedding and when I can be the most creative, is when I have one on one time with the bride. See, photographers don’t just have to know how to take good images, we have to know how to CREATE good images. And that happens when we direct our clients. Most brides say to me “I don’t like posed photos” – to which I say “I don’t either, but I will be posing you 90% of the time – it just won’t look that way.” After many years in directing brides, I have really studied and tried to perfect all the different ways of posing women to make them look and feel their absolute best. And I love seeing their face when I show them a photo of themselves and they are like “Is that me???” Yes. It’s all you. With a little bit of direction from me. So in these past 5 years, I’ve had so many women who are already married or not yet engaged, etc.. tell me that they wish they could go back and have me take their pictures, or “I want to be one of your brides!”.. which got me thinking… Why do women have to wait to get married in order to get beautiful pictures of themselves? And if they are already married, why are her bridal pictures the only ones she will ever have of herself?? We, as women LOVE photos. We have pictures with our friends, with our fiancé, our husband, then mostly of our kids, etc. And we forget about ourselves. Someday, our kids will want a beautiful photo of us to hold in their hands to remember how beautiful we are. And let’s not forget selfies.. lol. We get dressed up and think “AH! People HAVE to see me like this because I normally just look so blah” THIS. THIS is WHY I have come up with the idea to start doing BEAUTY Sessions for women. What woman wouldn’t want to come in and get pampered and have her Hair & Makeup done by the insanely talented Brittany Massey – then have her own styled photo shoot and feel like she is a model posing for a magazine?? And it doesn’t have to be by yourself. Another thing that women love is the relationships they have – whether it be their best friends, their sister, mother – you name it. Which is another thing Brittany & I will be offering – Girl’s Day Out! Women can come in and spend a day with friends and get all glammed up, then after your shoot – plan a night out on the town because you will all look and feel incredibly beautiful.

Any woman out there who is up for a day of feeling pampered and glamorous – I would LOVE to talk to you! The session fee is only $300 and includes your professional Hair & Makeup, consultation, and your photo shoot. Then when your images are perfected and ready, you will come in for your reveal session and decide which photos you want to purchase – if not all of them. I want you to love EVERY SINGLE IMAGE. And ladies, don’t wait to lose that extra weight or find some other reason to put it off – We all need to LOVE OURSELVES NOW! To book your OWN Beauty Session, you can contact me at 205-527-4617, email me at or click HERE.

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