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Kallie & David’s Spring Brunch Wedding

We love this beautiful spring brunch wedding from Kalee Baker Events. Rucker Place was the perfect back drop to this intimate affair offering historic charm, quaint gardens and a view of the city.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. We met at the annual October BestWurst Fest at Redeemer Community Church which at the time was hosted in the pastor’s backyard. It was a rainy day. He was in line in front of me and my roommate. I tapped him on the shoulder and introduced myself (because I knew he was new to the church…and cute).

How did he propose? He totally surprised me. I thought we were going to pick out a Christmas tree with my roommate and her boyfriend. So naturally I put on flannel because that is the appropriate attire for Christmas tree shopping, but when we got back to my condo after a brunch at El Barrio and study session for him at Church Street Coffee neither of them were home. Instead I walked into a home covered in candles and flowers. I didn’t even know that he had talked to my parents and it wasn’t until I saw a little porcelain box that he could only have gotten from my mother did I really know what was going on. My knees went weak and all I really remember saying was “is this happening?”. He is still so pleased that he pulled off the surprise!

What was the feel that you wanted to accomplish for your wedding and how did you executed that. We really wanted an intimate setting that felt like we were inviting friends and family into our home. That is one of the main reasons we choose Rucker Place and a morning brunch as reception. We also assigned seats which allowed us to think through who would be great as table mates. We also created a crossword puzzle on the back of the menu cards placed at each persons seat, the clues and answers were fun facts about us as individuals and our time dating. We wanted to generate a lively competition and hopefully give any guests that didn’t know each of us personally a little insight into who we are.

What is the one detail that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding? I was a children’s librarian for a period of time and choose a children’s picture book as the guest book. I love that we will be able to display our guest book under the guise of a coffee table book. I also loved having the congregational hymn printed in our program, it seems like such a small detail but it allowed everyone to sing along and in the setting of the tent it really made for an amazing time of worship.

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? Singing the hymn with all our guests. We asked them to stand and it made the tent feel like the Big Top from David’s work at JH Ranch. It was definitely a tear filled moment for both me and David.

Where did you find your dress? My dress was my grandmother’s, my mom’s mom, and I have always known that it was the dress I wanted to wear. I haven’t seen many like it and we didn’t have to alter it at all. It made the perfect compliment to a morning wedding too being tea length. And it twirled beautifully.

Any advice for current Birmingham Brides? The weather for our wedding day was not ideal for the outside seating we originally planned and meant some last minute adjustments including setting up a tent in the back patio. And while this is not at all what I had envisioned it so completely did not matter. My advice would be to have a go with the flow attitude. Once I locked eyes with David everything else completely disappeared, we could have been standing in the middle of a construction site for all I knew and that is what was most important, to focus on him and the covenant we were making.

Did you do anything special for out of town guests to make them feel welcome to Birmingham? Most of our guests were coming in from out of town. We put together canvas bags with items that would be sweet treats and sustenance. My mom was adamant that we get big water bottles, apples, and her home made cheese straws. We had a friend make cookies in the shape of AL and included maps of the city and a note from us listing some of my and David’s favorite places in the city.

Planner: Kalee Baker Events | Floral Design: Lillie’s | Photographer: 509 Photography | Paper: Empress Stationery & Amy Kross Design | Venue & Catering: Rucker Place | Rentals: Decor to Adore | Coffee Bar: Neighborhood Brew | Cake: Pen and Pastry


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