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Hosting a Garden Party

How to Throw a Garden Party Inspired Bridesmaid’s Luncheon

by: Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland

Choose a theme.

When choosing a theme, pick something that inspires you, whether it is your favorite china pattern, flower or movie. If it gives you inspiration, you will enjoy yourself more and be more excited about bringing your party to fruition.

Begin planning.

  • Guests: You will first need to think who will be invited to your luncheon. Once that is decided, making assessments about the menu and décor will be easier. You should always keep your guests in mind through out the planning process.
  • Menu: Plan out a menu that is easy to assemble, as well as eat. Finger foods are great for garden parties! Portable food gives guests the opportunity to mingle freely and they are less likely to have any awkward spills.
  • Décor: Choosing your décor should be a cinch now that you have a theme.  With your menu and theme in mind, pick out dishes to place your finger foods on or in. Also, think of smaller décor that you could use to help bring your theme to life. 
  • Tablescape:  To plan your table, you need to decide where your plates and napkins will go, as well as your food and décor. Make sure a leave room for a beautiful floral centerpiece or an interesting dish.

Gather and shop.

Gather together your own dishes, linens, and utensils that will work for the place setting and serving the food. If you don’t own enough pieces already, you can find some in your local antique or home goods store. A couple of days before your luncheon purchase the ingredients that are in your dishes. 

Prep and cook food.

Either the day before or the morning of, prep and cook your dishes and have them ready as early as possible. You need to get this out of the way early so you aren’t running around finishing them up when your guests arrive.

Set up the tablescape.

Start setting your table by laying down a tablecloth and add a table runner or two over it.  Place in the place setting, dishes, and décor that were picked out during the planning process.

Add food and guests.

Add your pre-prepped food and drinks onto your table right before guests arrive and then great them warmly.


Since everything was ready ahead of time, then you will be able to chill out, relax, and enjoy your company and beautiful décor for the remainder of your gathering.


CREDITS: Photography, Love Be | Styling & Food, Repertoire | Calligraphy, Ginger Swan Lindsey | Florals, Sarah Woodall

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