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Abby Little, Event & Bouquet Artist

We thought you might enjoy seeing a few other pieces of Abby’s work… How long have you been painting? Fifteen years. On my 9th birthday, my grandmother took me to a little art studio in Gardendale for oil classes. I had no idea I’d still have a paint brush in my hand today! And never could I have dreamed I’d be running a small art company, traveling to teach lessons and selling works!

What inspired you to start bridal bouquet paintings? I love botanicals. The colors, textures, and shapes simply quicken the beat of my heart! A bride spends so much time selecting her colors and florals, but to remember her day always, what does she have? Yes, hopefully some great photos, and maybe a dried bouquet in a glass box with the loss of all its original color and splendor. By creating a painting, the bride is able to display in her home for generations the capture of that truly blissful day! Not every daughter or granddaughter will want her wedding gown, but they will all want that painting. It makes the most perfect gift to the bride or mother of the bride, and if it’s done live at the reception, it’s a great source of entertainment for your guests!

How are you able to paint live? I like how Claude Monet could take his studio anywhere. I’ve been deemed the gypsy artist simply because I can do just that. Because I am an art teacher, I’m used to painting in front of observers. I’m not bashful about hiding behind my canvas, and I love chatting while I paint. In preparation for the live event, I ask the wedding planner to send a quick snapshot of the bouquet. I set my background before I arrive and work from that photo until, at the reception, the actual bouquet is set before me. I then paint as much as I can until the end of the reception. Finishing touches are added in the studio. If everything goes smoothly, I try to have it to the bride by her first month’s anniversary! Believe me when I say, guests will never forget watching an artist at your day.

Can you just paint from a photo and can you paint something other than the bouquet? Absolutely! Once you order, you just send me a link to your wedding photos. And I’m always up for different projects!

Any advice to aspiring artists? Fine art takes time. And that is good! Don’t rush your journey. Study art history and know everything you can about your favorite artist, down to if he liked biscuits for breakfast. Then study who that artist studied and you’ll be able to find what you like to create. But don’t worry about trying to “define yourself” — just work. Eventually you’ll do good work. And that is beautiful.

For mroe details on Abby’s work, visit the Reflect Visual Arts website.

Emily Allen - Hi! I found you though the knot website and would love to get more details from you on your work and pricing! I will be getting married april 7 at B&A Warehouse in birmingham. We would love to have you paint either the ceremony, reception, or my bouquet. Please let me know what your pricing and availability is when you can. Thanks!


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