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Birmingham Bag Giveaway

Anyone can enter to win! Let us know WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT BIRMINGHAM by leaving a comment on this post to be entered to win this fun custom Birmingham Tote Bag.

Winner will be chosen Friday at noon.

Brittany Arias - The community and dedication to keep growing and moving forward while remembering and reflecting our past. Birmingham has a way of making the past a part of the present like no other town I know.

sarah beaver - The thing I love about Birmingham is that my sweet daughter and her amazing husband live there!

Meredith - What I love about Birmingham!? Heavens, I could go on and on. I suppose I’ll stick to my top two fav topics:: the people and the food. There is such a great community of folks in Bham – some really powerful, creative, and stylish people who make Birmingham the fun, thriving city that it is. Secondly, the food. Ugh, the food it to die for! Thank goodness for the foodies who have created such wonderful eateries such as Urban Standard, El Barrio, Hot and Hot, Chez Lulu, Bettola, and of course the fabulous Highlands!
Just a few of the reasons why I love Birmingham : )

Kalee Baker - Small town feel in a big city. I adore Birmingham, Alabama!! p.s. thanks mom for the shout out!!

Chelsea - Avondale Brewery, Saw’s Juke Joint, The Botanical Gardens…I could go on and on about the pieces of Birmingham that make me smile. However, more often than not, I take for granted the piece that brings the biggest smile to my face: the fact that I am down the street from a world-class hospital. How fortunate are we to have access to physicians and healthcare professionals unrivaled by those in even the largest urban metropolis. There is no place on earth that can match the mix of knowledge, technology, and southern hospitality that Birmingham has to offer.

Mary Anne - The southern hospitality, welcoming my family from the north (when we moved here 8 years ago). It is a wholesome, family-oriented environment… and of course can’t leave out the yummy food and sweet tea!

js - I don’t live in Birmingham anymore, but it will always be home!

Erica Britt - Southern charm with so much to do!! I LOVE my home town!!

Neely - Birmingham has and will always be home. I spent years (too many) in college loving the beautiful college town, then a year in Atalanta, just because I wanted to be in the “Big City”. I loved them both, but they just weren’t home. Birmingham is just an amazing place where we still believe in manners, actual southern cooking, big concerts, and of course FOOTBALL; There is no other city in the world like it.
I love it here and am so proud to call it home!

Somer - I love that no matter how long i am gone for, it always feels like home. I haven’t lived in Birmingham in almost 10 years, but when I go back I still people “I am going home”. I love going to the Western Supermarket and hearing people say ” ‘preciate ya” and “thank ya much”. I love that strangers aren’t afraid to give you a friendly smily when your paths cross. Most of all, I love going to visit my momma and daddy back home in Birmingham!

admin - Mary Anne, you are the winner!

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