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Bridal Portraits : Lake Martin

The bridal portrait is quite a southern tradition and at many weddings you will see a beautiful portrait of the bride on display next to the guest book  at the reception. Bridal portraits originated before War World II it was rare to have a photographer at the wedding, so a bride would have her portrait done to commemorate the special occasion. What about now? As a professional photographer, I often get asked by Brides “Should I do a Bridal Session?” Obviously I will never turn down an opportunity to photograph a beautiful bride in her wedding dress, but also think it is a matter of personal preference. Choosing to do a bridal session does have a lot of fun advantages. First of all it gives brides an opportunity to try on her dress and see how it feels, what it feels like to move around in and if there are any last minute changes you would like to be made.  It also gives a bride the opportunity for a trial run of the hair, make up and flowers. Being photographed in your wedding gown can also be tons of fun, a time that is relaxed with your photographer where they can really take the time to soak in all the details of your dress, hair and flowers and create images that are unique to you.

Photographer: Stacy Richardson Photography | Planner: Anita Kanelis | Hair & Makeup: Joanna Balentine |Flowers: Hot House Design | Venue: Private Estate

Thanks to Southern Weddings post on bridal portraits for the bit of history.


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