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Bridesmaids Gift Guide

1) India Hicks Beetle Bag, $35.00
2) Susan Gordon Pottery at Chickadee
2) Kate Spade Small Stud Earrings, $38 at the Summit
3)Susan Gordon Pottery at Chickadee
4) Rifle Paper Wall Calendar, $18.00 at Annabelle’s
5) Kate Spade Friendship Idiom Bangles, $95 at the Summit
6) Taupe Agate Coasters, $130 at Bromberg’s
7)Susan Gordon Pottery at Chickadee
Additional: Paper by Script Merchant

1) Enamel Box, $75 at Suite Dreams
2) Pearl Studs, $220 at Bromberg’s
2) Clover Earrings, custom by Jacqueline Pinto
2) Herend Tray, $110 at Brombergs
3) India Hicks Rollerball Eau de Parfum, $35
4) Herend Monogrammed Dish, $25 at Brombergs
5) Italian Wax Sachets, $45 at Suite Dreams
6) Herend Tray, $130 at Brombergs
7) Kate Spade Wedding Bells Adra Zip Pouch, $95 available at the Summit
8) Bella Notte Table Linen, $375.00 at Bromberg’s
9) India Hicks Casurina Hand Cream, $24.00
Additional: Macarons by Magic City Macarons, Paper by Annabelle’s

1) Frank Stitt’s Southern Table, $40.00 at Bromberg’s
2)Susan Gordon Pottery at Chickadee
2) Spoon, $6.50 at Bromberg’s
3) Kate Spade Cherry Key Chain, at the Summit
4) Blue Agate Coasters, $110 at Bromberg’s
5) Spreader, $9.00 at Bromberg’s
5)Susan Gordon Pottery at Chickadee
6) Savor Salt Co., at Oli.O
7) Kate Spade Bella Recipe Book, $34
8) Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar, $8 at Whole Foods
9) Table Linen, $290 at Bromberg’s
10) Grapefruit Balsamic, $14 at Oli. O
Additional: Paper by Holly Hollon

CREDITS: Styling by Handley Breaux Designs, Photography by Stacy Richardson

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