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Garden Flower Arrangements

Looking for a way to freshen up for a bridal party in your home?  Katie McDaniel from Cloth of Gold gives a few tips on how to make a beautiful arrangement from the flowers you have in your garden.  What a great way to add fresh flowers for your bride to be.

Katie’s tips: When designing an arrangement using a diversity of flowers and foliage, the most important consideration is the actual structure of the plants you are using.  You can get bogged down with all kinds of rules, but the flowers should speak for themselves and should give you a pretty good clue as to how they would contribute to the composition. If you have a vine that falls beautifully, use it to cascade out of the arrangement. Brittle stems add structure and flexible stems can bring movement to your piece. Once you have allowed the flowers to speak for themselves, choose a suitable vessel for the look and shape you are going for.  Use different live elements to fill out the arrangement (something bulky), to add dimension (something trailing low or reaching high), and to make a statement (an eye-catcher).  Have fun and make sure all of your cut stems are reaching water!

Credits: Photography: Spindle Photography | Floral Tips: Katie McDaniel

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