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Emily and Brenden’s Gold and Navy Wedding

How did he propose? It was August 18th 2012 and a very rare lazy Saturday afternoon. As night approached Brendan and Emily got ready to go to the historic Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis to meet the now best man, Jonathan Haynes and his family; Brendan had mentioned weeks ago the Haynes’ were visiting and wanted to see us.  Upon arrival in the lobby Brendan called them but since they weren’t quite finished getting ready they suggested we go up on the roof where they would meet us.  On the roof Emily stood by a tour group trying to learn a little history of the place while Brendan attempted to persuade her to go over to the side that overlooked the Mississippi River.

After some coaxing Brendan got Emily alone just as the sun started to set. Brendan then got down on one knee; before even getting to say anything Emily was so surprised she exclaimed, “HERE?” knowing exactly what this meant. Slightly throwing him off, he laughed saying, “Yes Emily, here and now.” After his declaration of love, Emily shouted “YES” while the tour group cheered from afar.

In unscheduled perfect timing, the now-famous daily Peabody Duck March suddenly flooded the roof with a Duck Master, 5 waddling ducks in a row, and 50 more people cheering on the newly engagement couple.

It turns out the Haynes’ were never in Memphis and it was just a big ruse to get Emily on that roof.


What was the feel that you wanted to accomplish for your wedding and how did you executed that. Brendan and I decided in a hilarious planning session that our theme would be “magical forest”. I’m not an overly flowery girl and wanted more of an earthy feel yet wanted to maintain the majestic feel of a wedding. So to create that feelings we added lots of wood overtones, moss, rocks, and basic flowers mixed with different textures and hints of gold throughout.


What was your venue (church and/or reception) and why did you select it? My parents have been going to First United Methodist Church since moving to Birmingham in the 70’s and my sister and I were baptized there when we were born so the church was an easy pick. I must confess growing up I was never one to fantasize about my wedding but the reception was chosen a long time before the groom even came around. The first time I went to The Club was at senior prom. I was overtaken by how romantic and magical it all seemed. There was a wedding going on at the time and I snuck in just to take it all in. Then and there I said I would be married in The Club.


What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding? Morgan Trinker hands down. I signed a contact with her over a year in advance. I had seen her previous work and knew she was rare gem. I was overwhelmed with how pleased I was with her product.


What southern traditions did you incorporate into your wedding? Towards the end of the reception by sorority sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha gather in a circle around me and sung a traditional song and funny chant to celebrate the event. The groom wrapped the garter around a football just to ensure it wouldn’t be dropped. We went to a few hours of wedding chirography classes before so we could do a traditional dance and not just stand there like at a middle school.


What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? After the ceremony we arrived at The Club and were ushered up to a private room for a full romantic dinner.  It turned out to be an amazing period where we could just be romantic, reflective , and just plain silly by jumping around yelling ‘we’re married!’. 


Where did you find your dress? The White Room in Vestavia Hills


Any advice for current Birmingham Brides? It’s going to go faster than you can imagine. When you’re up at the alter really try and focus on what’s being said, the full meaning of what’s going on, how your groom’s eyes look, how you feel… throughout the whole evening just soak in as many details as you can. 


What was the best advice you received as a bride?  Get a videographer! Because even if you have the best photos imaginable there is nothing like being able to replay (hundreds of times) that first dance, first kiss, and little moments and gestures through the night.


Did you do anything special for out of town guests to make them feel welcome to Birmingham? We sent ahead gift totes to the hotel for all out of town guests that contained full packets of timelines, events around Birmingham, snacks and water. 


CREDITS :: Photography, Morgan Trinker | Venue, The Club | Dress, The White Room | Makeup, Rawwbeauty | Flowers, HotHouse Design Studio | Band, Feel the Beat

Danny Brewer - DJ Entertainment provided by Danny Brewer, Master of Ceremonies and DJ. Event Lighting – Feel The Beat Entertainment

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