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Ex Voto Locket Giveaway

To enter, leave a comment below and tell us what you would carry in this lovely locket. We will pick a winner on Friday!

Photos by Glass Jar Photography

Special thank you to all who entered. We loved reading your comments and hearing about the precious people in your life.

Chelsea C is our winner! Please email us and we will make sure to connect you with Ex Voto to receive your locket.

Jessica Morris - I would love to put a picture of my Dad on this precious locket. He passed away almost 30 years ago and I STILL miss him, everyday and look for ways to carry him with me throughout my day. This beauty would be perfect!

gabi - I would put photos of my two precious daughters in it. Even though they are grown and I don’t see them everyday… they are close in my mind and heart.

Melissa L - A picture of my dad:( He passed away 3 years ago. It’s the hardest thing planning my wedding and not having him to walk me down the aisle.

Lesa H - Like a couple others mentioned, I would carry a photo of my Dad as I get married because he passed away a few years ago and I wish he could meet my fiancee and walk me down the aisle at my wedding in May. And if there is room for two photos, I would add a photo of my fiancee/groom because he is the man in my life now.

Chelsea C - This April I would add a picture of my late grandmother to the locket. She passed away last year, and I have been racking my brain to find an adequate way to honor her at our wedding. This locket would be the perfect addition.

Betsy - I’d put my nieces pictures in it. I’d love to see their smiles.

Michele Cunningham - My dad died a few weeks after our daughter was engaged. He was do looking forward to her wedding to her high school sweetheart I would’ve put his photo in the locket

Kalee - I positively cannot get over how beautiful Ex Voto’s jewelry is!!! Going by their store today in Mountain Brook made me come back and post just to see if I could win (!!) I would totally put a picture of my handsome husband in my new locket (!!) or a picture of my families old farm house, and then one day, Lord willing, of our kids (!!!)

Erin - I’d definitely put a picture of my husband and baby girl in it! Beautiful!

Blaire - I’d put a picture of my Grandma Anne, my inspiration! 13 years since she left us, but I will never forget her lessons and love.

Bre - I would put a photo of my father who passed away when I was 16 in it. Photos are sooo important to me, being a photographer myself, so it would mean the world to me. Now I’m 31 and married and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done not having him at my wedding. I mostly shoot weddings and father daughter moments make me choke up at every wedding. I would keep this locket with me to remind me how proud he would be to see me doing what I love for a living. I’m also in my bestest friends wedding this fall. I would love to buy her one too for her wedding day, since her father just past last year. We could both have them on our flowers to share the loss of our dads. I definitely will know what she’s feeling on her special day so hopefully this would help keep her chin high.

Pamela - I’d carry a picture of my great-grandmother to incorporate into my wedding day.

Katie - I would put a picture of my parents in it who passed away when I was younger… what a gorgeous piece to wear and honor important people with!

Lucy Israel - I’d put the sixpence my grandmom gave me to use on my wedding day! It was the same one she’d used in 1949. I wore sandals & it kept slipping out, so this way I could take it with me down the aisle!

Anne - I would wrap it around my bouquet for my wedding and put a prayer inside blessing and praying for my marriage and future family.

Kathi - I would put a picture of my Papa (grandpa) who passed away. He was a true gentleman. So loving, gentle and always helping others out.

Shannon - I would place a prayer inside for the birth family who will help us grow our family. They will always be so close to our heart.

Lauren Babbidge - I would put a picture of my son and my daughter, so that they would always be close to my heart. <3

Courtnie - My sweet children would have to be in my locket 🙂

Katie - I would put a picture of my husband from our wedding day and as well as my daughter’s hospital bracelet from the day she was born in order to remember the two most special days of my life.

Heather Agpaoa - Being a first time mommy to be, I would put a picture of my new beautiful baby in it. Then, when they get married, I will give it to my daughter to wear, or my son to pass along to his beautiful bride. It will be the beginning of a beautiful family heirloom.

Heather - I would put a picture of my sweet husband in a locket!

Kathleen - I would love to wear this sweet locket and put a picture of my family in it to remind me of all the support and love that I have been immensely blessed with.

Stephanie Walsh - I love vintage pieces! If I won a locket, it would be very hard to decide what to put in it. I think I would put one word in it..HOPE. My hope is in Christ alone, He daily gives me hope. I am dealing with a new health crisis, and this is my focus. Excited just to enter!

Lynna Stubbs - The front tooth that my sweet, baby girl just lost.

Dana Connor - I would put a picture of my son that passed away 2 years ago so I could always keep him close…

Rosemary Jager - This is so lovely!

sarah robins - I would have to put a photo of my two little girls. They deserve to be next to my heart since they ARE my heart.

Tara - I would put a piece of soft paper with the verse Ephesians 5:33 written on it as a reminder on my wedding day that love and respect are fundamental in a marriage.

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