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Flower Tutorial with Laura McCarty

A few tips from Laura McCarty on flower arranging…

1. Always start with your greenery first. It helps create the base of your floral arrangement and the overall design structure. Added bonus, the added stems of the greenery in your vase create a sort of web that help hold your flowers in place when you add them.

2. I prefer to keep most arrangements asymmetrical. This helps create movement and added interest. High leaves on the right with low windy vines on the bottom left is a great place to start. There isn’t a “right way” to arrange, just keep your greenery and flowers feeling natural.

3. Every flower needs a friend. I find it’s best to keep my flowers buddied up. This doesn’t necessarily mean flowers need to be side by side, but rather if a tall, ruffly rose is drawing attention to the upper right side of your arrangement, give her a mirrored ruffly friend on the bottom left. This keeps your eyes moving around the arrangement.

CREDITS: Photography, Spindle Photography | Flowers, Laura McCarty of Marked | Location, Oli.O

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