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As a man getting married you often feel a bit in the dark on what to do fashion wise. Tux rentals, black suits, grey suits, blue suits, linen, neck tie, bow tie…with all of the options out there I think a lot of guys just go with what they know.  For many grooms the last time they wore a tux was at prom (okay, let’s face it, probably the only time unless they wore one as a groomsmen at a friends wedding). So where do you start?  What’s right for you?  Let’s run through some of the options and see if we can’t help you get a better idea.

Before we dive in to specifics let me cover a few ‘rules’ for men’s fashion.  Remember, as much as these are rules, they can be broken, so take them as guidelines to start from.

1. GOOD FIT IS EVERYTHING. You can have a poor fitting $3000 tux that looks horrible next to a great fitting $75 H&M suit that looks incredible and I’d pick the H&M suit every time.  Fit is the first thing I notice in men’s fashion at weddings…all too often the fit is very poor and most men don’t even realize it.  Know your body type and make sure your wedding day attire fits appropriately.

2. The later the ceremony time, the more formal the event. This is a simple fact about events in general that I find most men don’t know.  Where it might be appropriate to wear a black tux at a late evening wedding, it will most likely look very out of place at a brunch wedding.

3. Suit colors change with the season…know what’s appropriate for the time of year you’re getting married…you don’t want to show up to a winter wedding in a summer suit!

4. Let’s not be so serious…let your character show through.  Whether it’s in the entire outfit or small details like your cuff links or socks—dress like YOU so you feel like yourself.  There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing a costume all day.  Find something that feels like you and own it!

If you’re having a formal party (typically later in the evening) and want to dress in true formal wear then the tux is the way to go.  It’s a classic look that you can’t go wrong with. There are many forms of tuxes, from black to midnight blue to white—peaked lapel, notched lapel and shaw and even coat tails. Try on several to find out what’s right for you and remember:  FIT IS EVERYTHING.  Make sure you don’t wear the same fit tux that you rocked at your senior prom. It should fit your shoulders snug and make you stand up straighter when it’s buttoned. The pants should hit the top of your shoe, not bunch up on them. Once you’ve got the style and fit it’s on to the accessories. Dig around online and look at pictures to see what catches your eye more. Do you like a vest or cummerbund? Bow tie, neck tie or ascot? What sort of watch and cuff links will you wear and what shoes? The sky is the limit on tuxes! Check out some examples of a variety of tuxes:

More and more grooms have gotten away from feeling constrained to a tux and have opted to wear suits. The great thing about wearing a suit to a wedding is you can have everything from casual morning beach wedding to an 8pm formal wedding and you can find a suit for the occasion.  In picking your suit, first start with the time of day for your wedding and how formal it will be.  Remember that different colors can be worn at different times of year.  Grey and Blue are good all year but brown is typically constrained to the fall/winter and the lighter materials like linen for the summer.  If you want to dress your suit up try a bow tie or french cuffed shirt.  To dress it down drop the tie all together and wear a less formal patterned shirt.  Just remember, find something that feels like you and don’t forget about the fit!  When you buy a suit the first thing you should do is get it tailored.  Make sure the pants aren’t too long and the waist fits you well.  The jacket should fit snug but not tight.  Here are a few examples of different ways to wear a suit:

I’ve literally seen everything from a custom, one-of-a-kind nashville blues style tux to sandals and linen pants.  Figure out what’s you and fit that to your wedding day plans. Get creative, have fun, and look good doing it

A huge thanks to our guest editor this week, Stephen Devires, for writing this article and providing the photography.


Kelsey - Hey BB!
I came across your website when image-searching for grooms in blue. I just adore the groom’s blue suit!! Any tips on where I can find something similar?

admin - Hi Kelsey, the suit came from Zara

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