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Blowdry Hair Tutorial by Irrelephant

We absolutely love the ladies over on the Irrelephant blog and wanted to share these fun hair tips for our brides.

From Joanna and Molly: The best thing about this technique is that you only need one tool. The blowdryer. Yes, you can get wavy hair without using your curling iron! A few weeks ago, Molly was sent to New York to attend the Bumble and Bumble University to become a Network Educator  for Morgan Ashley Salon. Here is what she came back with to teach us:

Things you’ll need:
Blow dryer.
Boar bristel brush.
Heat protectant and styling product. Like B&B Prep- heat protectant/detangler and B&B Thickening spray- root lift. (We used Bumble & Bumble products but you’re welcomed to use your own)
And a little bit of time.

1. Start by prepping the hair with bumble & bumble prep and thickening spray. This allows the hair to stay in the shape you blow dry. Make sure hair is generously damp with the product (either from the shower or dry hair) Comb the hair evenly.

2. First, dry the roots lifting them away from the direction of the growth. Then start taking sections of hair (as big as your round brush) and start drying the hair as your rolling the brush up and down the shaft of the hair.

3. Once you have dried each section, take your fingers and roll the hair around them, as if you’re “rolling” your hair. (also- make sure there is a good hole in the rolls, this assures a good curl)

4. Pin and spray each roll as you go. Let the hair cool off, once you’re done with the last roll give the entire hair time to set. (we suggest to do your make up at this point)

5. Once the hair sets, take each roll down. Then take a boar bristle brush and start brushing your hair out. This might seem like you’re combing all the curl out, but what you’re doing is creating a wave by combing all the curls together, and taming them.

Let the hair do its thing and spray once you achieve the look you love!

One of my favorite things about this look is the amount of time you can rock this look. Yes yes, it does take a little bit of time to do but not much more than blowdrying AND curling it, plus it cuts out another heat damaging tool. With the products we used, it allows the hair to stay voluminous for a couple days!

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