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Julie Bunkley of Invision Events

What is your favorite part of planning? I think of myself as a problem solver/logistics lover before anything else. Figuring out how to make something work and flow just right is an endlessly gratifying challenge. When we dream up an elaborate piece to a wedding, it’s the figuring out of how to make it work that puts me in a happy place.

What are some of your favorite new wedding trends? After years of more casual settings, I love that brides are moving into the refined formal style again. Being in the outdoors is great, but I love when we get to use that as the accent to a formal tented reception. Formal doesn’t mean stuffy and uptight!

How do you unwind after a wedding weekend? My husband and I have a never ending list of projects that we work on outside of our work projects that we do together. It’s fun to take a Sunday after a beautiful wedding weekend to do our personal projects: home renovations being a top project.

What makes Invision Events different? We have worked hard to base Invision’s viewpoint on weddings as a classic and timeless style that transcends trends. We want a southern bride to be at home with us as much as someone from New York or California or beyond. We love being able to stretch our style and get to know new types of people.

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