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Laura Walker of Jett Walker Photography

How did you get started with photography? My mom will tell anyone she meets that I wanted to be an artist before the age of 6. It is so true and once I started I haven’t stopped; I have worked with ceramics, printmaking, all types of painting and drawing, wood working, metal work, graphic design and most importantly darkroom and digital photo processing. My grandfather gifted me with my first SLR camera when I was 18, from then on I was hooked on photography. I studied darkroom and digital processing in college and loved every minute of it. In my final year studying Fine Arts at Auburn, I interned with a Birmingham wedding photographer. At my first wedding, David handed me a camera and said “ok go shoot” and that was about it. The introvert in me wanted to run as fast as I could, as far far away as I could get, but something kept me there. I knew I needed to take a plunge and figure out if this was what I wanted to do, 8 hours later I was hooked. Now, owning my own business it means even more to me to be invited into such an important day in someone’s life and play such a meaningful role. It is an honor I can’t express. I have never been a person who could verbalize well (ironic that I am doing this, I know), but when I have a camera in my hands I don’t need words in order to express the beauty in front of me. Getting to capture real moments between people so that they can remember the significant events of their lives is an absolute gift from God. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do.
Where did “Jett” come from in Jett Walker Photography? A lot of people ask me “Are you Jett?” when they meet me…Formally the answer is yes! When I was deciding on what to call my company, my business-guru husband told me to use my maiden name (Laura Jett) instead of my married name because, he said, it is more memorable. I never intended to go back to my maiden name after marriage so instead I chose to drop Laura and use Jett Walker! Plus it kind of has a cool Star Wars-y sound to it, right?

How do you describe your photography style? I guess I would say I am intuitive or “in the moment!” I don’t know if “style” is the right word to describe my work. I of course want people to know my work when they see it but I also want viewers to look at a wedding I have photographed and say “that’s definitely ______ & _______’s wedding day, it looks just like them!” If I can capture a couple’s wedding day in a way that depicts their style and personality than I have done exactly what I set out to do as a photographer. Even when I edit I have that particular wedding day in mind. I don’t edit every wedding the same. If the day was lively and fast paced I will edit a little more boldly, if it was more elegant and traditional then I will bring those elements into consideration. The couple is always my inspiration.

What is your opinion on a “first look”? The perfect light, take all the time you need to get the right shot, loving photographer in me says absolutely do a first look! You will have more time for portraits and fun shots plus it will be a time to get all the nerves out and relax together before the big walk down the aisle! BUT, the tradition loving sap that I am admits that I did not do a first look and it was so worth it to wait until my walk down the aisle to see him. That being said, I will never try to talk a bride into doing one or the other. With every bride I meet I ask them the logistical questions of their wedding day and explain what their day would look like in both scenarios and let them choose. Because in the end it is your day and you want to feel comfortable with your decisions and be the happiest you can be.

Jan Rikard - I lost the card you gave me that has your website on it. I want to be able to see pictures of the wedding when you post them. Will you lease email me the website?
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