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Leah Finds a Venue

A few words from Leah about choosing a venue: When my fiancé Ben, my parents, and I began looking for a location for our wedding I was discouraged early on in the process. We originally wanted the date of our wedding to be Saturday December 14th, 2013, but we soon realized that finding a place on that date, in our price range, and big enough to hold around three hundred people was going to be a lot harder than we thought. After meeting with a few people, walking around downtown, and visiting about five places, I was ready to eat lunch and call it a day. Ben had told me earlier on that week that when we found a place, we would know without a doubt that that is where we were going to get married. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t believe him. Unlike me, he was never anxious or stressed, and always confident that the Lord was going to provide a location for us. After some encouragement from Ben and my parents, we decided to drive down to Montevallo, Alabama and check out The American Village. Our incredible wedding planner, Kalee, told us that the barn was available for a reception on the 14th so we thought we would check it out. My parents and I were immediately struck by the incredible beauty of the Liberty Hall ballroom but it wasn’t until I stepped in the chapel that I knew that was where I wanted to get married. On the drive home I couldn’t stop thinking about what Ben had told me earlier that when I found a place, I would know, and also how obvious the Lord provided for us. My dad also said how even though we were tired and discouraged earlier that day, we continued our search and the Lord rewarded our perseverance. God is so good!

Here are some iPhone shots from Leah’s visit.

Leah - Ironic story for you, my name is Leah and I found your “wedding travels” through White Dresses Instagram post. I found my wedding dress there back at their sample sale post in May (just learned you were the model for them). As I clicked and read about your wedding I was struck then with your wedding date, December 14th. My wedding date is also December 14th at (drum roll)…you guessed it, American Village (chapel and ballroom). I have booked many of your preferred vendors. If you would like to get in touch with me to talk weddings (or share flowers to cut down on budget cost feel free to contact me :)).

Emma Nathews - I love this story 🙂 God is indeed so good! And I also LOVE the American Village! Montevallo is my hometown, so this gorgeous venue holds a special place in my heart…not to mention that the staff are all incredibly kind! You are going to love having your wedding there!! Good luck to you!

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