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Mandy Busby

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? My husband, Joel, wanted an SLR camera for his birthday. To his surprise, I bought him one. He enjoyed it, but I picked it up for a few minutes on an international trip, snapped a few photos and discovered something. To that point, I had never really been a camera person. But here I am today! Joel also pushed me to start shooting film. So, I owe it all to him, I think? (Seriously though, Joel is a vital part of every aspect of my business. He hauls flowers, changes film, does taxes, etc. We love working together.) Later, I was working a job that I really disliked. I was grateful for it, but it just was not me. However, being in that job, pushed me to take some risks to get my business started. Sometimes the best things are born from difficulty.

DO YOU PREFER PHOTOGRAPHS OR THE FLORAL WORK? Both are very different, and I like them for different reasons. I love the connection with the clients that emerges from photography work. As an example, we met our best friends when we photographed their wedding. I love the opportunity to capture, memorialize and honor beautiful moments on film. The working-with-my-hands element is what I love about floral work. There is something special that awakens in me when I begin to pull a floral design together. I really believe people were made to be makers. I actually feel all of that on a floral project. It is intense (2-3 days of very long and hard work) but energizes me in a unique way.

DO YOU EVER DO FLORALS AND PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE SAME WEDDING? As much as I would love to, Iʼm afraid it would be too much. I would go crazy, and I think it would be really hard on my little family. This past year, for a small wedding, I made an exception. Iʼm hoping for something like that again, but the circumstances would have to be just right!

HOW DO YOU DO IT? WITH A THREE YEAR OLD AND A ONE YEAR OLD? HOW DO YOU KEEP UP WITH EVERYTHING WHILE GROWING A FAMILY? I really donʼt know! Iʼm not sure Iʼm doing it very well sometimes. Iʼve learned to remember why I do what I do. I love to create, I love to connect with people. I want to genuinely serve my clients by providing beautiful images or flowers. I want my work and business to be a means of grace in peopleʼs lives. I donʼt have to pressure myself to compete “in the market.” I want to create and serve and build friendships. Keeping those things in mind, helps me maintain perspective. And Joel :).

Below is some of Mandy’s floral works…

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