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Marked Holiday Card Giveaway

Marked is one of our newest vendors here on the Birmingham Bride. Laura, the creator and owner of Marked holds many talents from floral, styling, graphic design and hand lettering. She is giving away 50 holiday cards. This would be great to use as a save the date or for a newlyweds first Christmas.

How to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post of one of your favorite Christmas memories.

2. Like Marked on Facebook.

We will select a winner this Friday at noon.

Sara Russell - I got engaged on Christmas morning 3 years ago so it holds lots of great memories for me!! Every Christmas is now all the more special 🙂

Amanda King - Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. As a child and through the years it has remained such a special and magical time. I love the smell of the Christmas tree, the warmth from the fire, and the sparkle from the lights. Perhaps my favorite part of Christmas though is the people I spend it with. My family is spread out across the country and growing up in a Military family it was hard to always be with my extended family during the holidays. Because of this, my parents, sister, and I created our own Christmas traditions. My favorite memory of Christmas comes from those special traditions that my small family of four created. Every Christmas Eve after setting out milk and cookies for Santa and spreading reindeer dust on the front lawn the four of us would snuggle up in my parents bed to read Christmas stories. My daddy would read The Night Before Christmas and my Mom would read The Polar Express then they would tuck us in bed and turn out the lights. My sister and I would lay in bed for hours giggling and talking about Santa and what we might find under the tree the next morning. As I have grown up and moved off to college and then to having my own home those memories have become all the more special. I have lived in a number of houses in a number of states. For me, Christmas is about the people I love most in this world and that they are the place that I call home.

Augusta Cole - How ironic is it that my husband and I talked about picking out our Christmas card picture this morning?! Love this giveaway!
Christmas is very special to me- we don’t have a large family, so we celebrate with our family friends and have a potluck brunch. This past year was the first year Jordan spent Christmas with my family. As we were opening gifts, there was one gift that said, “To Augusta, from Jordan- save me for last!” I was extremely anxious to open this last gift- thinking it would be concert tickets or something or the sort. Jordan had given me way too much already- lots of great outfits from my favorite stores, and I was worried he had spent too much on me. We saved this gift for the grand finale, and with my entire family watching, I opened the gift.
A bag full of gift receipts.
Let’s just say we both learned our lesson that Christmas. And in return, Jordan was asked to wear his Buddy the Elf costume to his first Christmas brunch.

Sara W. - ONE of my MANY favorite Christmas memories is when my twin sister and I received a pink Jeep PowerWheel. We hopped in when we caught a glimpse, pressed down on the accelerator, not knowing it was charged and on, and ran into the Christmas Tree! We had a live tree that year – pine needles feel inside the car, but we didn’t harm anything or anyone! We’d find the little needles randomly weeks later, and always remembered our first “joy ride” from them!
Looking forward to making memories like these with our children in the future!

Courtney - My brother and I always loved getting in our Christmas jammies and gathering around the tree with family to open one gift on Christmas Eve.

abby - I grew up in a blended family: three older half brothers, my twin brother, and me. Most holidays were spent waiting for my big brothers to drive over from atlanta. But one Christmas everything was magical and different. My twin and I spent time with our grandparents on the 24th, little did we know our mom and dad picked the boys up in Atlanta. They hurried home to surprise us; we were so excited to spend our first christmas eve together. That evening the seven of us piled in the van and drove to lousiana for the next big surprise: christmas with our cousins at the hunting farm. We all snuggled into the media room for christmas movies and popcorn. It only happened once, but it was definitely the best christmas memory ever!

Kay Bates - Beautiful. I love them.

Caitlin M - My family cuts down our own Christmas tree every year. Christmas isn’t complete until the “kids” find the biggest tree usually measuring 14-15′ have dad lay down to cut it (he now brings a chain saw) and the whole family pulls the tree back to the horse drawn wagon where well there’s not a lot of room left for us to sit. I couldn’t imagine a better tradition 🙂

Casey Snipes - The best Christmas memory I have happened when I was probably 12 and my sisters were 5 and 3. It was Christmas morning around 10 am… The wreckage of present opening time was splayed across the living room floor. My sisters and I had abandoned the new Barbies and dress-ups on the floor and spent the whole afternoon creating doll houses out of the boxes that our gifts came wrapped in. My mom said it was quite a sight to watch us become totally absorbed and entertained by something that had cost her literally nothing:))) And then we watched Lilo and Stitch four times in a row. Best. Christmas. Ever.

Kaley S. - I have so many Christmas memories but O N E in particular really stands out. Last Christmas my boyfriend at the time, now husband, told me we were heading to grab a quick bite before his parents annual Christmas party at their house. He said we could go somewhere close by their house so we decided to go to The Boot. Well…. That plan didn’t work because the Christmas tree in the field in the Preserve was not put out that year. Plan B was to go to the country club. He stopped the truck right by the country club at a beautiful spot we love called Star Lake. He told me to follow him. Freezing cold and very dark I followed him to the bridge where Christmas lights were hung and the beautiful tree lit up in the middle of the lake. He started talking to me and handed me “an early Christmas present” a card with a picture of him as a little boy ring bearer holding rings and as I turned around to tell how cute he was, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! One beautiful Christmas memory that will forever stand out to me! 🙂

Becky Graham - Favorite Christmas memory is spending time with family and friends!

Lynn Cline - Our Christmas Cards are a treasure to our family! We have taken a family picture around Thanksgiving each year ~ for the last 24 years ~ and have sent it out to family and friends in our Christmas card. I have all 24 in little frames displayed each Christmas on the sideboard. Besides my nativity scene, these framed pictures are my most treasured Christmas decoration! What a treat it would be to win this!!!

Anna Mattox - My favorite so far would have to be last Christmas 2012. My soon to be groom was preparing to propose and I could not have been more surprised! After a lovely dinner and fun night, I suggested we decorate his first Christmas tree while living on his own. After every light was strung, every ornament hung, and with Christmas music playing we turned off the lights to see the tree glow. When I turned around there he was on one knee, stealing the spotlight form the tree with a shiny little ring in his hand. He asked, I said YES, and just in time for me to wipe away some happy tears- he had arranged for my family and closest friends to be at the door after driving 3 hours to see us! We will be married just a few days before Thanksgiving and cannot wait to share our first Christmas together as a new family!

Hannah H - I really love Marked, I happened upon the FB page while looking at wedding photographers and it is really great. — My favorite Christmas memory has got to be the last Christmas spent with my fiancé’s Nonna. She was a great woman with a loud spirit and even louder laugh. The last Christmas with her before she passed away was full of gifts, good food, and good stories. She told everyone stories about how she would secretly play the lottery by driving to Rome, GA and buying tickets. It was like she was confessing her life’s biggest secret, because she had even purchased everyone a scratch off and put in each person’s stocking. She passed away the next spring, but I know I’ll always remember her the way she was that Christmas. It is wonderful to have that memory to share with my fiancé and look back on now that she is gone. We’ll always have that memory to share.

Chelsea Cernosek - I can vividly remember my first white Christmas. I was 5 years old, and honestly I don’t remember seeing snow anytime before that morning. My mom opened the front door, and I looked out to see a sea of white with neighbors building snowmen. My older sister was bundling up in her winter coat, scarf, and gloves. I, on the other hand, was still sitting in the living room with my pajamas on. Unfortunately that Christmas I woke up with another present: the chicken pox.

Amy J. - Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and Christmas memories — some of the most precious. Love these cards. They are just beautiful.

Karen Walker - My favorite season of the year…. and these cards are simply beautiful and unique…

Susan Steen Mccarty - These cards are simply elegant and would be so pretty to send out to friends and family for Christmas

Susan - these cards would be a treasure to send to friends and family !

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