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Meghan Murphy

What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned through owning your own business? Choosing to lay every project and overwhelming to-do list before my Heavenly Father. I forget to do this so often, but when I do I never regret the surrender. When we admit to our inability and give Him every desire of our hearts, grace does amazing things. “I can’t, without You…”, is my lifeline.

What led you to wedding photography? I did my first paid shoot as a 15 year old (my sister had to drop me off.)… and I bless that family’s heart all the time for giving me a go. Yikes! It was several years after this before I got into the Wedding industry but through that period I discovered the power of storytelling.
I wanted to be able to show people that I care about their stories. To show them that their everydays are beautiful… including (or maybe especially) the messy bits, and the ordinaries. So I’m a wedding photographer because it brings me incredible joy to build a friendship with a couple and pour my heart into helping them document their beginnings, their firsts, their laughter, their adventures, and their tears. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world.

What are some other creative projects that you’re working on? One of my dreams for the past year or so, has been to record an album (I know, crazy…). Songwriting and singing are my creative outlets that have nothing to do with weddings, and I absolutely adore it. I have a long way to go, but so far it’s been such a fun learning process!! Oh and I’m just getting into the world of film photography. So scared and thrilled for where this could lead!

What would you say is involved in the perfect image? Life, truthfulness, real emotions…I’m okay with posing if I have to, but my favorite moments are the ones of the couple interacting, maybe dancing to their favorite song, or strolling through their favorite park, or sharing that milkshake at the local burger shop, or that tight squeeze they give each other after they’ve just exited the wedding ceremony. The hand holding, the belly laughs, the tickling… those are the moments with meaning. Those are the pictures they look back on years later and can still close their eyes and remember that moment of pure joy… because it wasn’t just re-created by the photographer.

What would you tell a bride to look for in a wedding photographer? A kindred spirit. Hands down. It’s so important that the photographer takes the time to get to know you. They MUST know what you as a couple are like and what you’re looking forward to most on you’re wedding day. The photographer needs to be aware of the things that bring you joy, they need to be someone the you can trust, someone you can open up with. Believe me, you’re pretty much stuck with them for the entirety of your wedding day! Chose somebody that will really care about you, and that can be your rock on your wedding day.

If you could change one thing about the wedding industry what would it be?  I would love to see bride’s feel free to step out of the Pinterest box and take time to really discover things that truly inspire them. Weddings don’t have to be outrageously expensive to incorporate honest details. It brings me so much joy to watch a girl take the time to discover her style, develop a vision and then incorporate that throughout her wedding, with consistency.

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