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Monogram Designs

We love monograms in the south. They are a great way to brand your wedding and add consistency from the save the date and invite to napkins, koozies and cups at the reception. Here are a variety of monogram designs from our Birmingham Bride vendors. When deciding about your type of monogram make sure to take some of the etiquette into consideration. A bride should not use her groom’s last name initial until after the wedding. So if you have note cards printed before the wedding make sure to have some with your maiden name initial, or opt to just use your first two initials.

Monogram designs:
1. Amberly Shelton 2. Sarah Robins Powell Designs 3. Weddings Etc. 4. Four Hats Press 5. Mariee Ami Wedding Studio 6. Holly Hollon 7. Sonia Davis 8. Holly Hollon 9. Sonia Davis 10. Annabelle’s 11. Mariee Ami 12. Annabelle’s 13. Holly Hollon 14. Sonia Davis 15. Annabelle’s

Photo Credits: KT monogram by Amberly Shelton, photo by Alisha Crossley | AV monogram by Mariee Ami, photo by Spindle Photography | CK monogram and photo by Sonia Davis| VH monogram by Holly Hollon, Photo by Stephen Devries | BB monogram and photo by Sonia Davis | AM monogram by Holly Hollon, photo by Holly Carlisle | EB monogram by Holly Hollon, photo by Sara Parker | LWV monogram by Sonia Davis, photo by Simple Color



Catherine Lanuto - I am interested in having table number cards, cocktail napkins, and match boxes made. Could you kindly give me some information.
Thank you.
Catherine Lanuto

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