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Olivia & Mitchell’s Briarwood Wedding

How did he propose? Mitchell’s proposal was actually based on how we met. Mitchell and I met in marching band at Briarwood Christian High School. It was my freshman year and my first band camp so when I noticed Mitchell (the rather attractive drum captain) looking at me, I honestly thought I had imagined it. Later on in the week, we were all hanging out on a deck that sat between the boys and girl’s cabins. At that point, I don’t think I had heard Mitchell speak, but he made a joke and I laughed So Hard! It was the first time I thought “He this guys is great!” So fast forward Seven, yes SEVEN, years… Mitchell tells me some story to get me back to that very same camp, he walks me back to that very same deck, and he asks me to be his Proverbs 5:18 wife, the wife of his youth!

What was the feel that you wanted to accomplish for your wedding and how did you executed that. I really wanted our wedding to reflect the history we had together. I knew I wanted to incorporate orchids into the wedding because it was the first flower Mitchell ever gave me. I also wanted to incorporate our years in band together somehow. Holly, helped a lot with this actually. The wedding logo she designed has our initials encircled by an antique horn, and orchids flowing from the base. Our envelope liners were sheet music in an orchid hue, also designed by Holly. We used the same design to make cones to hold petals for tossing. It could not have come together any more perfectly!

What was your venue (church and/or reception) and why did you select it? We had our wedding and reception at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. We chose Briarwood for it’s sentimental value. Mitchell and I grew up at Briarwood and we wanted to be married on the same stage on which we were baptisted, sang in school plays, and played in band concerts. We continue to attend Briarwood, and it is so special to worship in the same place that we were married.

What is the one detail or vendor that you were so happy to have as a part of your wedding? This is hard for me to answer because there were so many wonderful vendors, but honestly my favorite vendors were family members. Holly Hollon is my sister-in-law, and she could not have been more helpful during the process of planning the wedding. She gave us great advice and made the most beautiful logo, website, stationary, and banners, etc.. for our wedding! Her detailed work is what made our wedding really come together! Another “vendor” that I loved including in the wedding is my sister, Erin Hollon Cooper. She painted a watercolor of Mitchell and I on the field during a half-time show. We hung it over the grooms cake and it now hangs over our fireplace at home. Finally, my mom acted as our ice cream vendor for our reception. She made gallons upon gallons of her AMAZING homemade ice cream (something Mitchell really had his heart set on) for our reception. It was truly a labor of love, and our reception would not have been the same without it! So if you have any talented family members, Use Them! It’s not only free help but it also makes the details that much more special when your family did it.

Where did you find your dress? I found my gorgeous Tara Keely at Bustle! It was actually just the second store I went to, and I had high hopes because I love a good bargain! (Mitchell and I call it my “Hollon” side). I tried on several dresses before I got up the courage to ask for something with a more defined waist. She thought of one and when she came back with it I’m pretty sure I physically gasped! The bodice had all this beautiful (and sparkley) swirly beadwork, and the skirt of the gown glittered! I had never seen such a sparkly and fairy like dress before! I felt like a princess ( yes it’s a cliche, but it was true)! And the best part was I didn’t pay full price for an Amazing designer gown!

CREDITS :: Photography, Laura Walker of Jett Walker Photography | Flowers, Dean Hodge and Cindy Vetrano | Paper & Calligraphy, Holly Hollon | Dress, Bustle | Bridesmaids Dresses, Bridesmaids Inc. | Tuxedo Rental, Mr. Burch | Catering, Royal Finishes Events & Catering | Cakes, Magnificent Cakes

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