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Shindigs Cateering

What type of menus do you offer? We are a full service catering company and have a variety of seasonal offerings. We are happy to cater small, intimate receptions, as well as, huge, flamboyant functions- and everything in between!

Do you provide the bar? We offer everything you want! It is our goal to fine tailor every aspect of the evening to reflect each couple or dazzle with trendy details. We love signature cocktails with your favorite flavors and liquors creating something unique for every event. We also offer wine, beer and full bar offerings at our family/friend/industry cost!

What is your specialty or niche? There is nothing that we do not do! Mac and Chad have both been trained in several ethnic backgrounds, so we love hearing each couple’s favorite dishes and items. This helps us to create a unique and personalized menu and experience for every client and event!

Do you provide catering separately from the food truck? YES!  Ms. Piggy (our food truck) is a wonderful catering tool that allows us to provide high quality catering even in the middle of no where!  The truck is an asset that can be utilized for service, preparation, or not at all! It is our goal to have each event reflect the vision and wishes of each customer! This means that we listen to your goals for taste, aesthetics, etc…and use them to create a unique menu, layout and service for an exceptional experience!

What is your most popular item? For catering, one of our most well known or signature dishes is a Truffled Grilled Cheese! It is a delicious one-bite hors d’oeuvre with too many cheeses, truffle oil, truffle salt, a seasonal fruit butter, crispy country ham (or tomato bacon) and fines herbes. It is definitely a fan favorite that we have not gotten tired of yet!

What is your process/How to begin? Every event begins with an inquiry. We are easiest to reach via email or phone call. Once we have determined our availability, we like to send a starter proposal to each customer to reflect a picture of what we could offer for their event based on their unique vision, wishes and season! From there, it is our pleasure to tweak and personalize each event based on the client’s feedback! A few weeks before the event, we review what is best seasonally, as well as, our favorite items to update the menu!

Where did you get the name, Shindigs? It was a group effort that ended up taking us back to our rustic roots in central Alabama. We have always been about entertaining, service and hospitality whether it was family, old friends or future friends. A shindig can be fancy but has to be from the heart.

What sets you apart from the competition? We are fueled by our passion to provide delicious food while using sustainable practices; we choose not to take convenient short cuts like opening cans, shopping at supermarkets, etc. Our seed to fork mentality and business model allow us to create mouthwatering, local and quality dishes that you most want to consume! We independently support pig, rabbit and chicken farmers for our supply chain of local, organic, and happy animals due to the obvious social benefits. As the protein production grows to include Hereford cattle, goats, etc…we already source most of our produce from our farm in Morgan Springs, just north of Marion, Al., where accelerated improvement has provided bounty that will reach our shelves within the next year as put-ups, preserves, or jarred goods. We love that we have the opportunity to plant, nurture and harvest our own vegetables. This gives us the opportunity to oversee the whole process and promote sustainability from the roots up for Shindigs!

What is your favorite part about catering weddings in particular? It is so much fun for us to learn about the personalities of the couple, as well as, their families and heritage! One of our favorite things is to hear about nostalgic ingredients. This allows is to create a menu that plays homage to family favorites and also shows love to those that mean the most to you! One secret that I hope all catering companies implement is instead of dumbing down a menu for the sake of picky eaters, dieters or allergy concerns, we gather all the special restrictions and turn them into another way to show love to a client’s guests as we serve them what they need and want. It is so rewarding offering say the grilled cheese and the guests responding they do not eat pork and we say, “This one is for you; it is topped with tomato bacon instead of ham. We hope you enjoy!”

What all do you offer? As a full-service catering company, it is our goal to take care of ALL that each client needs! As an executioner, Maggie Hannum, enjoys going beyond the call of duty using our network in the Birmingham area to help create value and reduce stress. We are aware of all of the many factors that work together to make each wedding happen. So, we love being able to help out in any way at all!

Photography by Leslie Hollingsworth and Andi Rice

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