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Valentine Giveaway

We just love these Valentine cards from Four Hats Press. We are giving away these three cards and in each one will be a surprise $50 gift card to a local Birmingham restaurant! To enter, comment below by sharing a favorite Valentine memory. We will pick three winners on Monday.

These cards can purchased at Urban Standard and Full Circle in Birmingham.

Molly Choat - Recently engaged couple wanting a special valentine 🙂

Kelsea - These are darling! My favorite Valentine memory involved one of my favorite things: baking! We made red velvet cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and Kahlua brownies, with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack playing in the background.

:) camille - Growing up, my Dad made sure that my Valentine’s Days were all special. I loved getting flowers from my Dad and always felt like such a princess! I recently got married and had the sweetest first dance with my Dad. I’ll always see those images and remember all my childhood Valentines. It made my Daddy/Daughter dance full of sweet nostalgia. 🙂 It makes me excited to one day see my husband make memories with our kids!

Kathleen Cook - My favorite Valentine’s memory is that of last year. I was a Junior at Alabama. That morning I received vintage Valentine’s from both my mom and sister in the mail. Coming from an artistic family, every holiday is fun. But Valentine’s has always been among my favorites. I also received gifts from “The Valentine’s Bear”, including a Lily Pulitzer dress.
I lived in my sorority house at the time, and Valentine’s day in the house can be a bit of an experience. Some girls were primping all day getting ready for their date and some, well let’s just say they needed a little bit of cheering up.
That night, my three best friends and sorority sisters planned to go to a fancy dinner together and get all dressed up and just have fun. (I wore my hot pink Juicy Couture dress my mom had bought for me a couple of Valentine’s earlier) Three of us were single and the other one’s fiance was in Rhode Island for Navy Training. We had the best time spending it together and laughing. After dinner, we went to the next spot four girls go after dinner. TCBY on the strip in Tuscaloosa, where we ran into two of our friend’s friend’s. Who knew that day we would gain such great friends! All six of us are still best friends.
It just goes to show that college is a time to find your bridesmaids and being single on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be miserable at all. Make memories with the one’s you enjoy being with the most and can make you laugh like no other.

Courtney - The first Valentine’s day me and my husband were dating, about six years ago. He wrote a poem on a poster and had certain words as candy. I’ll never forget it. It was so creative! Plus he knew how much of a sweet tooth I had. I always think back fondly of it, especially after I heard what he went through to pull it all off. He was driving all over town (Auburn at the time) to find certain candies because some stores had some, some had others, some didn’t have any he needed. Ahhh, I love that man!

Anne - My Valentine Day memory is certainly not a “favorite” one, but is instead a painful one. My husband and I gave birth to our stillborn son 20 years ago this Valentine’s Day. We will never know why it had to happen or what kind of person he would have been. We can only grieve on the special day set aside for, of all things, celebrating the romantic love that couples enjoy with each other. It does not seem to get any easier with time. Our love for one another is still very strong, and we have a beautiful daughter who means the world to us. She lives in Birmingham and is engaged to be married in 2015 to a wonderful young man. For these things, we are most thankful!

Kalee - I will never forget my adorable, hilarious, super handsome, sweet husband and I’s very first Valentines. I was living in Arkansas, and he lived here in Birmingham and occasionally we’d send each other mail, since the distance really did make the heart grow fonder 🙂 Anyway, this very specific Valentines, I received in the mail, on a folded piece of regular lined notebook paper, 7 hand drawn hearts, one inside the next, all different colors with the words, “will you be my Valentine? love, your knight in shining armor” and a single dollar bill with the note, “no one likes to open mail without money in it. Don’t spend it all in one place.” (If you knew my husband you would DIE laughing, he can be quite the frugal man….) Anyways, well of course, I was BESIDE myself and called my sweet Valentine to tell him I would actually be his Valentine and how proud I was of him for sending it BEFORE Valentines!! If he did this good BEFORE Valentines, who knows how good he’ll do actually ON Valentines! I was PUMPED, cloud nine. Well, Valentines comes and goes and absolutely NOTHING from my Valentine, I mean it was like he had completely and utterly FORGOT!! I had literally been praying throughout the day for contentment and forgiveness and then that night on the phone I couldn’t resist the tears and they just started to flow, everywhere. My sweet, patient, totally good intended Valentine, responds with, “Kalee, every girl gets flowers on Valentines, yours are coming tomorrow!!” LOL.

Becca Mason - My favorite Valentine’s memory is from two years ago. I went to a local coffee shop with three girlfriends and we then went to see a local Art House movie. It was the best night! We spent most of the time laughing, and went home to watch Conan (there were lots of puppies on the show that night!!). We had an excellent time celebrating our friendship and loving each other well!

Grace - My favorite Valentine’s memory is from two years ago. I had just met the man that would become my husband two weeks before February 14. I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him since things were new so I wasn’t expecting anything for Valentine’s Day. He surprised me with a gorgeous flower delivery to my office and then after work he cooked a delicious meal. I was even able to convince him to watch The Notebook with me (although we couldn’t finish it because I was sobbing uncontrollably, but what girl hasn’t?). I feel so blessed to get to spend every Valentine’s Day with him!

Melissa L - My favorite Valentines Day memory was the first year My fiance and I were together. He took me away for the weekend to a bed and breatfeast in Vermont. They let him prepare and cook dinner for me there that night. It was beautiful! I never had any man cook for me and make me feel like a princess that day.

Erin - Growing up, my parents used Valentines day as an excuse to buy us toiletries. That was our gift. Mom got roses and chocolate, we girls go a new toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s a sweet, funny memory now looking back.

Emma - In college, my mom and dad would send me a boquet of flowers for valentine’s day. I loved that and should’ve dried them, which is a staple now days. This year, my fiance and I will spend our first Valentine’s together… I think some chocolate and a home cooked meal (he’s the chef!) are in our future. All time spent with him is good time, so we’re giong to make the most of a holiday that let’s us just be together and celebrate love… at home and away from crowded restuarants. : )

Amanda Claybrook - One of the simplest but sweetest valentines I remember was last years. Me and my now husband were long distance at the time, so we both went and got our favorite meal and watched a movie “together” through FaceTime and Netflix. Sometimes you just make things work.

Meredith - Ladies, oh my word. If ONLY I could tell you of my favorite Valentine’s memory. I suppose the story would be a bit more apropos for a Cosmo post ; ) I’ll just say it was our very first married Valentine’s Day and I have one hot hubby.


I adore these notecards, so sweet!!

Amy - My favorite Valentine memory is from my childhood. My father passed away when I was young and I always tried to make my mom feel special on holidays to help make up for his absence. He always brought her a big box of chocolates, a Whitman’s Sampler, every year. Since I was too young to get to the store on my own, I got out my art supplies and made a paper “box of chocolates” with little messages inside each one. She smiled so big when I gave it to her, and that was my best Valentine ever!

Nicole - First Valentine’s Day with a significant other. Would love to celebrate with my fiancé at a restaurant in town!

Tammy - I have three kids, and every year on Valentines Day , while they were at school,I used to have a baggie full of candy (conversation hearts) on their beds for them waiting as they got home from school. They looked forward to that every year. And now my daughter does the same thing for her kids. I started a great tradition that I hope will last forever~ <3

Lacy - Every year my Mom’s company sent her on a week-long trip to NYC over Valentine’s Day, which meant that Dad and I were on our own. He always made a special Daddy-Daughter Date of it and said I was his Valentine. That’s why he’s always been my favorite Valentine.

Kate - My husband and I recently moved here from Charleston and his birthday is Valentine’s day (so sweet, right? I have a true Valentine). Well when we were dating I told him that I had never had a Valentine’s Day date but that I would rather spend the day celebrating his birthday (I’m a HUGE birthday person!). He insisted that every girl needs to experience a full out Valentine’s day. So that year I came home from work to 2 dozen roses, a box of chocolates and my favorite candy with a note. Inside of the note was a clue. He picked me up and we followed the clues to 10 of the places that held special memories for us (i.e. where we first kissed, where he first realized he wanted to date me, our first date, etc.) and at each place was a letter telling me why that spot held significance for him. It was truly the most romantic date I have ever been on.
Now we compromise and celebrate Valentine’s day before or after and his birthday on February 14.

Mandy BUsby - LOVE the valentines day cards Four Hats Press! My favorite Valentines Day memory was in 2004. My husband, Joel proposed to me at the place we first met, in the balcony of our childhood church. I had NO idea he was proposing. The night before I had told a friend who had asked when I thought we would be getting engaged and the words that came out of my mouth were exact… “Oh that is probably 2-3 years away.” Haha… little did I know that I would be TOTALLY surprised the next evening. It was the best surprise ever and now looking back I can’t believe he had me fulled that it would be that long until we were able to get engaged.

Happy Valentines Day!

Lynn Cline - My favorite Valentine’s Day memory occurred 8 years ago. My sweet husband had never been one for surprises, but this day was a different one. He had already told our 4 children that morning that he was whisking me away at halftime of our daughter’s basketball game. As we left the gym, our children grinned from ear to ear, and I became as perplexed as I have ever been. Of course, I asked if I needed to “pack a bag”! My heart was racing! But my sweetheart simply said, “sit back and enjoy the ride, honey!” Ok, we weren’t going on a romantic trip by air, so it must be by car! I was OK with that!! But as we left Birmingham for parts unknown (to me, that is) I started to question. A couple of hours went by and hubby wasn’t giving me a single clue. My excitement was turning into anxiety, I must admit. We were travelling rural Alabama and this urban girl, with Coach bag at her feet, began to wonder~ “Is this an episode of “What Would You Do?” or are we on Dr. Phil, with hidden cameras, and Wes has a secret he is fixing to tell me?(just kidding really)….As we turned down a dirt road, I jokingly said, “We better not be pulling up to a trailer where you tell me you have other children to introduce me to…!” With that, we pulled into a gravel driveway of the cutest little TRAILER I had ever seen! No kidding! My mouth flew open, but my sweetie only smiled. Suddenly I heard barking, and the most adorable black cocker spaniel scampered out the front door. Seeing her, I burst into tears! My Valentine’s Day surprise was a healing heart. You see, my heart had been broken for 40 years over the lose of my little black cocker, named Inky. Months prior, I had shared an old story with my sweetheart, as we talked and laughed about all the pets we had had in our lives. Wes knew that I had never gotten over, Inky, and set out on a search to find a puppy just like her, all black with a white stripe underneath. As we walked up to the door and saw the puppies for sale, I knew that I was in love with QUITE A GUY! This was no ordinary Valentine’s Day; it was a day that healed a broken heart!

admin - Kate, Erin and Anne are our winners. Check your emails ladies! Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories!

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