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Wesley & Emma of W&E Photographie

Describe your artistic style: We’re there on the wedding day to capture emotions as they unfold. Our inspiration comes from genuine emotion and real love. Our goal is to capture our couples as they are together. Whether that’s silly & spontaneous or gentle & affectionate – If we’re lucky we’ll get to see both sides!

We interact with our couples and see what emotions come forth. Our couples are adventurous (like us). We climb mountains together, explore urban city scapes and roam neighborhoods. We love a good collaboration.

Killer portraits mixed with real-life documentation. That’s what we’re all about.

Random facts: After weddings, we always go to a convenient store and get whatever type of junk food we want. There is a “no judge zone” when making our often unhealthy post-wedding snack choices. 

We both speak Spanish and lived in Spain for our first year of marriage.

Wesley got appendicitis the last day of our honeymoon. In sickness & in health, am I right?

What do you love about weddings? We absolutely love stealing our couples away from the hustle & bustle of a wedding day allowing them time to connect and enjoy each other. A close second would be watching our couples love and be loved by everyone around them. Oh, and we really like wedding food too!

If you weren’t photographers what would you be doing? We probably would have moved back to Spain at some point. Who knows, maybe it’s still in the cards! Wesley would probably try to make a living playing obscure sports like Spikeball. Emma would adopt all the cats and care for them.

What’s it like working together as a married couple? We get asked this question at least once every wedding. We spend 98% of our time together and somehow it all works. We joke around a lot. We distract each other from “working”. It’s pretty fun actually!  I suppose you have to have the right personality balance for it to work out. We just got lucky! And, yes, we get on each other’s nerves all in the name of love.

How did W&E Photographie get it’s start? We met in Spanish class at UA.  Emma’s first compliment to Wesley was “You have really white teeth,” so that’s basically where it all started. We used to go on little photo “adventures” when we were just getting to know each other. We’d explore new places with our cameras in tow. We’ve always enjoyed shooting together, so it all just kind of fell into place naturally.

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