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Wreath Making Workshop with Mandy Busby

Mandy Busby recently held a wreath making workshop at Bustle. Looks like it was so much fun! Here are a few tips from Mandy for making your own wreath at home…

When making a Christmas wreath with various greens it’s good to start with foundation layer of hardy/strong greens. Once that layer is complete add the fun elements to it, such as pinecones or berries. There are many options to make this contrast layer fun!

For your first layer bunch together 2-3 different greens. Wrap wire around the stems, until the bunch feels secure. Lay your green bunch against your wreath form and wire it secure to the form. Repeat both these steps taking your greens in the same direction covering up the wire from the previous bunch until the entire wreath is complete of its first layer.

If you wish to make a wreath that has some contrasting elements this is now the time to add them. With this layer you can keep it uniform all throughout or you can make it asymmetrical, it’s really up to you!

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